Posted Tuesday October 08, 2019 by Shannon Georgecink

Investing in your partnership, regardless of the phase of life you may be in, can be both intimidating and scary. However, this type of investment can have a deep and lasting influence on the connection you feel to one another and your ability to walk together through challenging obstacles and seasons that lie ahead.

Couples therapy through the PREPARE/ENRICH program is both evidenced based and easily adapted to your unique partnership needs. If you are considering taking your partnership to another level and desire to have conversations around the challenges you are experiencing or anticipate experiencing, as well as the strengths and connection that exists in your relationship, then PREPARE/ENRICH may be a strong fit for you.

As a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, Robbi Anne Strauss, LAPC, is passionate about helping couples in various stages of their relationship. With a focus on communication, conflict resolution, and connection, this program works to evaluate your current relationship state and make strides towards a healthier and stronger foundation. Whether you are dating, engaged, married, re-married, or blending a family through step-parenting, PREPARE/ENRICH has something for everyone.

Program Details:
8-Session Structure* (1st session is 90 minutes, with all additional sessions being 50 minutes)
$75 per session**
*Potential for more sessions to be added desired by the couples
**Financial assistance available for those that qualify
Contact Robbi Anne Strauss, by email at or by calling 404-321-1794 ext 316, for more information on this program.