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Past Residents • Metropolitan Counseling Services - Atlanta Affordable Psychotherapy

Past Residents

MCS has offered training to over 60 therapists since its inception. The following is a list of some of our graduates:

Von Grubbs, LPC

Anne Smith, LPC

Randy Beggs, LPC

Barbara Wolfe, LCSW

Connie Evans, LCSW

Linda Ellis, LPC

Margaret Walden, LPC

Maci Tater, LPC

Kathie Thodeson, LPC

Andy Dishman, LPC

Sandra Hale, LPC

Shanna Jackson, LPC

Diane Rhone, LCSW

Blake Lanier, LCSW

Katie Tolleson, LPC

Judith Courtney, LPC

Patti Meador, LPC

Alison Reed, LPC

Jeffrey Cohen, LPC

Jennifer Collins, LPC

Jennifer Frank Smith, LPC

Tanya DiGiovanni-Goldbach, LPC

Jackie Fraasa, LPC

Laura Laliberte-Bodner, LPC

Kim Taff, LPC

Deb Herberger, LCSW

Nineshia Mont-Reynaud, LPC

Tim McDaniel, LCSW

Stefanie Speanburg, LCSW

Nancy Chase, LCSW

Catherine Wirth, LPC

Erin Falbaum Hinek, LPC

Heather McCormack Moon, LPC

Valarie Peister Smith, LCSW

Carla Bauer, LCSW

Amanda Savage Brown, LCSW

Treah Caldwell, LPC

Corey Tanner, LPC

Mary Delaney, LPC

Matt Wagner, NCC, LPC, CAADC

Pam Saxena, LCSW

Elizabeth Valera, LPC

Elizabeth Neri, LCSW