Posted Monday January 07, 2019 by Shannon Georgecink

By Vena Kim, LMSW, MFT, RYT-2000

Happy New Year! The end of December is usually a quiet time when we may find ourselves reflecting on our past year, perhaps even setting new goals for ourselves. What did you reflect on? Are you motivated to make changes in your life? Our therapists at Metropolitan Counseling Services are here to support you as you take the steps to navigate any changes you desire or even just to help you find clarity on where you’d like to start. Most people attribute therapy to being only for those currently experiencing major life traumas or resolving old childhood issues, however, there is so much more therapy can offer. A good therapist can help you become a better communicator with your loved ones or simply find better ways to cope with your feelings. If the idea of having trustworthy and confidential support to help get your 2019 off to a great start sounds ideal, please consider giving us a call (404) 321-1794.