Whether you attend an event, participate in a workshop, or simply make a donation, your support helps us change lives.

Our events help MCS provide affordable mental health care for adults while training the next generation of therapists. Additionally, we chip away at the stigma surrounding mental health care each time we host an opportunity for people to learn more about our mission and our team.

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View some of our past events:

Night On The Town 2017

Organizer: Shannon Georgecink

2017 MCS Night On The Town We are already planning our 2017 party! Mark your calendar for Friday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m...

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Trolley Barn Night on the Town 2016

Yogurt for a Cause at Yogli Mogli Tech Square

Organizer: Shannon Georgecink

In honor of Mental Health Month, Yogli Mogli at Tech Square is donating 10 percent of the night’s proceeds back to MCS! Bring your friends and enjoy some amazing frozen yogurt for a great cause...

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Breakfast with Heart

MCS is currently seeking corporate sponsors interested in hosting an awareness breakfast for employees and other stakeholders. Through these awareness events, we hope to highlight the importance of mental health care in the workplace.

Did you know that five of the ten leading causes of disability worldwide are mental problems (major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, alcohol use, and obsessive-compulsive disorders), according to World Health Organization studies? These disorders – together with anxiety, depression, and stress – have a definitive impact on any working population. Mental health problems affect many employees — a fact that is usually overlooked because these disorders tend to be hidden at work. Researchers analyzing results from a nationally-representative study of Americans ages 15 to 54, reported that 18% of those who were employed said they had experienced symptoms of a mental health disorder in the previous month.

Join us as we learn how mental health impacts employee health and productivity, as well as how to reduce stigma and increase access to care.


Contact Shannon Georgecink to learn more about how to bring this event to your workplace