Night On The Couch - 2018-08-25

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We want to invite you to the most delightful event you will never attend. We are proud to present Night On The Couch. No babysitters. No expensive outfits. No auction items you really don’t need.

We hope you’ll consider sponsoring a Night On The Couch. The date and time are up to you, as is the attire, the food, and even the wine. In support of our mental health mission, we are offering a night of selfcare – relaxing in a way that really benefits you.

Don’t worry – there is still a big winner at the end of the night. Your sponsorship of Night On The Couch will result in even more clients served! We won’t have any catering bills to pay, and no venue costs. This means every dollar raised through Night On The Couch goes directly to providing affordable, high quality mental health care for those who otherwise would go without care. With the news recently overrun with stories of celebrity suicide, addiction and other mental health struggles, the need for our services is higher than ever.

Thank you to our generous 2018 sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Nick & Aimee Franz

Metropolitan Psychotherapy Associates

Silver Sponsors

Ed & Suzy Smith

Bronze Sponsors

Thomas Abelew & Melissa Miller

Paul & Jen Bennecke

Jim & Edie Clifford

Randy Oven, LCSW

Philip & Karin Pead

Young Song, MD


Bob & Lib Georgecink

Margaret Gunn

Paul & Kathleen Neitzel

James & Amelia Ostenson

Marty & Linda Pinne

Susan & Stan Reid


A date that works for you at a time that makes you smile

A location that brings you joy and rest

All the things you need to relax — maybe it is ice cream, a nice glass of wine, some homemade cookies, your favorite pajamas — it is up to you!

If you’d like to support Night On The Couch, click here.

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