Jill Jackson, LMSW

    Who are you at your core? Invest time in finding out. Heal what needs to be healed and liberate what needs to be free. One’s ability to find and embrace their truth is the first step on a path to true fulfillment, freedom, and authenticity. The work that one does internally determines how we show up in the world. As individuals, we are shaped by the experiences that we have throughout our life. Jill Jackson, LMSW, believes that each experience, whether we deem it positive or negative, comes to teach us something. When we find meaning in our story, our entire perspective shifts.

    Jill believes that each person carries unique strengths and that those strengths are the key to healing and wholeness.  It is her goal to hold space for her clients in their journey to their true and authentic self.  In your time together, you will work to build upon your innate and foundational strengths as they chart you forward.  Just because you can’t see the entire road doesn’t mean you don’t go on the journey. Move with the expectation that the road will meet you as you go. As stated best by Brené Brown, “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

    Jill received her Master of Social Work from Georgia State University. She aligns closely with the therapy modalities of psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy. Jill is passionate about working with individuals struggling with identity development, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, life transitions, relationship issues, and family conflict. In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as a little retail therapy every now and then.